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Mixing Business With Pleasure
Opportunity Professional Network Now Matches People For Dating


March 5, 2018 - Sarasota, FL - The Opportunity Business Network, which has connected over 2,000,000 professionals around the world since 2014 for the purpose of discovering sales, employment and networking opportunities - has announced it will offer professionals the opportunity to be matched with others for the purpose of dating. Opportunity has alerted professionals to over 1 billion business related opportunities using its proprietary matching algorithm that brings people together based on what they offer and what they need. The algorithm will now be used to identify people within the network who are also interested in being matched for the purpose of dating.


"It takes more than a swipe

to discover your type."

- Megan Baers

“Honestly, it takes more than a swipe to discover your type,” said Megan Baers, Director of Dating for Opportunity. “Not only are we using the same algorithmic approach to match people for dating as we do for business, but we’re also

providing them with a set of business tools to help them manage the complexity of 21st century relationships. We also feel we’re raising the bar in terms of the caliber of people you will meet through Opportunity.”

To date, the Opportunity network has generated over 1 billion sales, employment, and networking leads for professionals in over 190 countries around the world. Each profile type requires a person to answer a unique set of questions which allow the Opportunity matching algorithm to work its magic and notify people to the hidden opportunities happening around them via email, SMS and push notifications. The algorithm for dating works similarly by analyzing answers to questions involving gender and age preferences, location, career, interests, education, personality, political viewpoints, and more. People manage their opportunities on both mobile and desktop - with desktop offering slightly more functionality.


Opportunity enters the dating market at a time when apps such as Tinder and Bumble try to move beyond dating into business (e.g. Bumble Bizz).  "Believe it or not, I think we have an advantage over larger competitors attempting this," said Bill Jula, Co-Founder of Opportunity. "Convincing the business community to take you seriously after years of branding yourself as a place for casual ‘hook- ups’ will be a challenge for them. To my knowledge, Opportunity is the largest (if not the first) professional network to approach this from the opposite perspective (business to social). I like the foundation we have built and the ability for the ‘opportunity’ brand to be taken seriously and transcend many other aspects of life.”


In addition to its current member base of more than 2,000,000 professionals, Opportunity for dating has already registered over 10,000 people during its initial beta phase. The feature has also been added into its mobile application where members receive alerts each time opportunities (sales, employment, networking and now dating) are nearby.  To register for opportunity visit: http://www.myopportunity.com or download the mobile app on iOS (http://www.myopportunity.com/ios) or Android (http://www.myopportunity.com/android).

To learn more about Opportunity watch the video below: